The some ideas princess party decorations

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In this article we give you some ideas for princess party decorations , for the organization of the party easy and fun … For more ideas for the decoration of the party, check out our images on boards , and to Princess parties for products in our online store.


1. For princess party decorations on colors , we recommend a mixture of pink, light green and lavender with touches of silver and gold, for an elegant yet cheerful effect. Inflate latex balloons of these colors with helium, and place them in groups at the entrance and at the table. Also, or alternatively inflating a couple big balloons with helium and place them on the table.

2. For princess party decorations to a festive and highly decorative effect, paper pomp pomes hanging from the ceiling above the party table.

3. Combine the pomp pomes with a thematic hanging…

4. Decorate with feather boas: place them on the walls as if they were garlands, creating a canopy on the roof, around the door frames.

5. For an effect of falling stars, decorate the ceiling with a hanging star bright.

Hope these ideas inspire you and help you to plan your princess party decorations! For more ideas, visit our online shop.

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