Making Mexican party decorations for tables

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It is easy to make Mexican party decorations table as the most important in holding such element is the color. The green, red and bright shades of blue tablecloths, plates and centerpieces create a festive atmosphere. Use a variety of colors for a casual party or decorations subtle for a formal event. Hang a piƱata in the yard for a garden party and pepper strings of lights in the trees. Use your imagination when making Mexican party decorations for tables.


1. Place a white tablecloth on the table and put two runners table or multicolored pieces of cloth on top. Place covered at the ends of the table and in the halls, with a capacity for six people at a rectangular table. Use more runners in a round table.

2. Use bandanas as napkins for Mexican party decorations. Adorn napkin rings with ribbons that tone with table runners or tales Mexican novelty items like plastic peppers.

3. Choose solid tableware, blue and yellow or floral pattern with a rustic red. Use Mexican glassware and glassware party to serve margaritas.

4. Make placeholders with omelets for crispy tacos. Purchase individual holders tacos and a taco place in each location. Write the name of your guest in a colorful paper and put it in the holder tacos.

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