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One night in Paris conjures up images of the night stuffed with sophistication, romance and charm. To assist you capture that feeling in your next party, brings the magic and glamour of Paris to your home with Paris party decorations and the right food.

Sets a decor inspired by a coffee from one of the great avenues of Paris. Use Paris party decorations with tables and chairs wrought iron or metal. If that is not possible, round tables covered with tablecloths of red or blue. Serve the food in some recoverable format plates having a French theme, or utilize the white, red and blue flag. Put candles and fresh flowers, like roses in glass vases on each table.

In general theme Paris party decorations, use the red, white and blue, which are the colors of the French flag to decorate. A center table with grapes, half a loaf of bread and a bottle of red wine or Champagne also evokes France. Place small French flags on the tables, miniature replicas or cardboard Tower Eiffel.

Select music of Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier and other famous French singers. For a truly extravagant event recreates a street scene. Consider hiring a nearby artist to line up an easel and this brings your palette. Or maybe hire a mime to entertain your guests.

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